10 Incredible Digital Marketing Stats from the Past Month

As the calendar turns to May, we’ve put Design Directors Managers Email Lists together a list of the most interesting digital marketing statistics from the past month. Some of these stats piqued our interest because of what they say about the state of digital marketing and the impact of video marketing, whereas others helped identify the type of content that has been successful in this quickly growing space.

Regardless–as these stats indicate–digital marketing has never been more important.

Design Directors Managers Email Lists
1. Where The Money Is: According to IAB’s 2016

Video Ad Spend Study marketers and advertisers are, on average, spending more than $10 million annually on Digital Video. That’s an increase of 85% from 2 years ago

2. …and Where The Money’s Going: That same IAB report also revealed that 72% of the marketers and advertisers surveyed said they will move funds out of TV in an effort to increase their spending on digital video advertising. Among those who stated that they would increase spending on digital video, 47% said it would come out of broadcast TV spending.

3. Global Streaming Growth:

According to a report issued by MarketsandMarkets, the global video streaming market to grow from $30.29 billion this year to $70.05 Billion by 2021.

4. YouTube Ads > TV Ads: According to case study analysis conducted by Google, YouTube ads were far more effective than TV ads in driving sales. The report suggests that advertisers should be allocating up to six times more of their budget to YouTube than they currently do.

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