10 years of operation sister teach you how to do a good project review

November is destined to be a busy month for e-commerce merchants, and even people in the Internet industry as a whole, with the 11th as the boundary—they will be busy with big promotions before the 11th, and will be busy with the review after the 11th.

When it comes to re-examination, a good re-examination can achieve better results, with adequate preparation, proper organization, and establishment of a correct understanding of the re-examination, and finally Pakistan Phone Number solve the problem and gain growth through the re-examination. And a bad review can make people feel like they are taking formalities, asking questions and holding them accountable, and holding criticism meetings.

1. The origin of recovery

Replay is actually a Go term and a learning method in Go. It means that after writing a game. You Pakistan Phone Number have to play it again to see where you play well, where you don’t play Pakistan Phone Number well. And how well you play. If it’s not good, it needs to be analyzed and deduced. It’s very simple, now everyone’s general review is:

Now the concept of “review” is basically standard for all companies. Many companies will carry out basic pre-employment training after the intern or newcomer joins the job. This is also an important link. If you are a newcomer in the workplace, understand and master this work. method is very valuable.

2. Why do you want to reset?Pakistan Phone Number

In this regard, my feeling is because: you can’t “just bury your head in your work and don’t look up at the road”

Doing too much is worse than doing it right. Through a specific method such as review, it not Pakistan Phone Number only allows us to find problems and avoid repeating mistakes, but also plays a very important role in inheriting experience and improving capabilities.

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