14 Inspiring Habits of Successful Digital Entrepreneurs

I was sitting at the desk overlooking the beach. It could have been Boracy, Bali or Byron Bay.

The website traffic was looking good and the digital marketing funnel was fine tuned. The next email was scheduled, a tweet was shared and a Facebook update posted.

Welcome to digital business.

Business as we know it is being disrupted Purchasing Directors Email Lists and disturbed.

Traditional industries that we knew and maybe loved are heading towards dead and buried. The taxi industry is just one. We also know what happened to Kodak and Blockbuster.

Purchasing Directors Email Lists

Mobile apps that allow us to connect, book and buy while sipping a coffee are just part of this revolution. Discussing and dreaming about start-ups that become billion dollar unicorns are musings that millennials have while sitting at a wine bar.

This is an exciting time to live but the implications are that we are just at the start of a shift that has a long way to run. This is going to unfold for the next century. Many business and marketing habits don’t quite work like they used to.

Business for humans

The constant movement of the millennials from job to job highlights a mind and culture shift. It’s not about work for work’s sake but creating a life that works for creative humans. Being just a number and cog in the machine doesn’t cut it anymore.

Work that fits with your passions, interest and lifestyle is the next challenge.

Social media has uncovered what a lot of us struggle with but don’t admit. Success envy.  We all want to be the next Apple, Uber or that billion dollar “Unicorn”. For most that is not going to happen.

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