49 Surprising Tips for Getting Attention in Mass Media

Everyone wants to get noticed. And everyone wants attention.

Well, why are we trying the same Partners Email Address old, tired techniques?

When you’re trying to gain media attention it’s important to standout. If you’re exactly like everyone else, why would anyone care to cover you?

Find your unique voice and own it.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to repeat what works for others, but find your own spin on that approach.

Below are 49 more unconventional, yet effective, approaches to help you get noticed.

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1. Spot an information gap

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Find an information gap for a particular reporter (Hint: Read other reporters’ accounts as well.)

2. Hire an editor
Hire an editor or outside contractor with experience editing. Treat each email like you would a blog post, brand page, etc.

3. A/B test subjects
A/B test subject headings when pitching several reporters and editors. Take notice of who replies given which headings.

4. Revisit a local story

5. Target industry-specific reporters
Target reporters who regularly cover your niche, and contact them for direct quotes for a story that you’re writing.

6. Find something in common
Find a common bond, doing an image (or reverse image) search for their name to possibly unearth pictures of them doing hobbies or pictures they’ve used in their pieces.

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