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The first is the diversity of people, El Salvador Phone Number where “people. Include “observers” and “designers”. There  will be differences between individuals, suchas gender,

age. Personality, education, position, knowledge structure, regional culture and geographical environment and other. Factors will constitute individual differences. The challenge of metaphor is: on the one hand, each observe.r has a different understanding of metaphor, which leads to different cognitive effects on ontology.

Differences in the Understanding

On the other hand, there will also be differences in the.  designers El Salvador Phone Number and observers, and even designers and observers are often not the same. Group, and there will be a large deviation in understanding between the two, so that metaphors often fail El Salvador Phone Number s to achieve.

The expecte effect. . The second is the limitations of the observer’s perception of metaphors. Each individual has its own cognitive and perceptual boundaries, which are often. Unpredictable and uncontrollable. For example, re is often use as a metaphor for danger or warning. But for a re colorblind person, he

Let Alone How to

El salvador phone number
El salvador phone number

The metaphor is simply not perceive, let alone. How to understand it. The third is the limitation of the metaphor itself. When ontology appears as a new. Thing, it is not El Salvador Phone Number always possible to find a suitable metaphor for it. What’s more, new things are emerging in an. Endless stream, while the things we know are limite, which makes metaphors greatly limite.

In the process. Of recognition, the above problems will no t exist, because once a person’s memory is forme. He will understand and judge according to his own memory.

The so-calle noumenon, metaphor. Information and even the observer themselves are part of his memory . When this memory is internalized it will form a habit, such .as: “stop at the red light, go at the green light”, such a metaphor does not even. Require us to think, the body has already responded.

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