5 free resources to create color palettes

Design 5 free resources to create color palettes 04012020 explore the possibilities of these interactive tools to fill your projects with color many times the only thing that stops you from bringing to life a project that you have in mind is indecision about the colors that you will use. And it is not for less the most extraordinary creation can lose its attractiveness if it has the wrong colors. For this reason, we have compiled this list for you with 5 free resources that will help you choose the ideal colors for your design, illustration, branding , embroidery project, or whatever discipline you prefer. Lets do it khroma this free tool uses artificial intelligence to learn your color preferences. Discover previously created palettes and save them for reference for future projects.


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At the start of your experience, youll answer a background remove service fun but laborious quiz to let the ai ​​learn more about your personal taste. 5 free resources to create color palettes 2 khroma colormind this free resource allows you to upload any image for a harmonious color palette. The interesting thing is that, contrary to what happens with other automated sites, instead of finding the predominant colors, it searches for those that combine well in a palette through an algorithm. You can also browse already created palettes.

5 free resources to create color palettes 4 colormind. Illustration by andonella drop color if you are looking for a color palette for a logo design, a website or a flat design , this site will be of great help to you. It is a palette generator that starts from a base color. You can also browse popular and new palettes, as well as use their code converter and gradient generation tools.

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It is a free site with unobtrusive advertising. 5 free BTB Directory resources to create color palettes 6 colordrop adobe color with this resource you will be able to load a photo or image of your creation or of a reference, and you will extract a color palette. It also allows you to save palettes and gradients to use them automatically in your photoshop or adobe xd projects. The service is free, but youll need to sign in with your creative cloud account to save themes and palettes. 5 free resources to create color palettes 8 adobe color colorspace if you want a quick solution without many complications, this tool is ideal for you. Enter the code of a starting color or search for it manually, and the generator will recommend a variety of palettes with different amounts of colors.

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