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The right color matching is important for the. Values ​​to be expressed by the product or brand. To a pivotal role. Consumers  like the design of muji. For this. Style of design, it is difficult to describe the style of “minimalist”, “simple” or “log”.

Gradually, consumers Exit Mobile Phone Numbers. Will recognize the “muji style”. ” this statement, for consumers, is the embodiment of the brand value. Conveyedby muji and recognized by people. Muji style whether it is the product itself, or space, packaging. Publicity, website, mobile app, these brand contacts closely related to consumers ,

Simple Colors in

Muji uses a lot of natural and simple. Colors in the use of colors. In the muji series, we rarely see high -saturation and high-purity colors . Except for the. Iconic dark red of the brand itself, most of them are wood colors, Exit Mobile Phone Number white, beige, and various low-saturation colors.

All all of these designs themselves convey the values ​​of the muji brand, which are simple and simpl. And belong to nature. As we all know, the popular content-centered de-stylized design method, that is, flat design. In order to allow users to focus more on the content itself, so that information can be more effectively conveyed to users, the design

Simple and Simple

Exit Mobile Phone Number

Of the screen is as simple as possible. Detail decoration. Increase the blank area, and increase the contrast Exit Mobile Phone Number level of information. When the content in the picture tends. To be concise and concentrated, how to use color is particularly important.

We all know that different colors. Moreover  different Exit Mobile Phone Number emotions. Reducing the use of emotional colors will more effectively make the information. That needs to be expressed more prominent. Such a design can guide users to focus. On the information they want to convey and highlight the features of the product, that is, to reflect the value of the product to users.

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