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Provoked that translates into an increase in loyalty and brand value. Segmentable: at this point you will have two keys to segment your campaign. Your database and the results obtained from the analysis of the indicators. Thus, you will be able to segment the market better and apply different criteria. With data such as the response rate, if they have made a purchase. If they open the messages, etc. It allows you to remain present in the consumer’s mind: many times. If your client has not received any contact with your brand in a certain time, they forget that you exist. If you maintain the relationship with your customers, you will increase the chances that they will purchase products or services. From your company again.

Email marketing strategy Types of emails. There are different types of emails, but we are going to classify the main ones into the following: occasional emails. These messages are sent punctually according to your objectives. That is, when you consider. That communication with your target audience is necessary according to the rhythm of your business . Some clear examples are: Newsletters :these emails address different topics within specific interests. For example, they serve both to publicize your new products this month. And to inform about the new informational articles on your blog. They do not have an establish frequency. You can send it every day, every month, once every three months.

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Promotional email: these are messages in which Iceland whatsapp number list a specific offer is promot. A new range of products, a free gift, a limit offer. They are emails focus almost exclusively on conversion, unlike newsletters . It is very important to optimize these types of messages so that they reach the right audience. It is achieve thanks to the segmentation of the database. Thus, you make sure that it reaches people who are really interested in the content. Seasonal email: use the special dates and holidays of each season to send personalized messages. For example, you can send messages for birthdays, for Mother’s Day, for Christmas products… They are short, fast campaigns with direct messages that keep the user’s attention.

Iceland whatsapp number list

Get started with Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card details required Email address Email address automated emails They are emails that are sent when the user performs a certain action, without the need for someone to physically press the ” send ” button . It is you yourself who creates the pattern. For example: every time someone makes a purchase, an automatic confirmation message will be sent. Here we will define the following types of emails: Transactional emails: they are sent as a trigger for a transaction, as the name suggests. For example: welcome messages, purchase confirmations, password reset messages, etc. Marketing automation emails: These are messages that are sent as a result of a specific action.

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For example, if the user wants to download your ebook and they are sent a message with the link, or if they attend a seminar and a technical document is automatically sent to them. plan email marketing strategy How to plan an email marketing strategy step by step Now you are quite clear about what email marketing is and how it can benefit you in your marketing strategy . But then comes the next step: how to plan an email marketing strategy? We tell you here: Define the objective: it is important to set a course. Every action requires a goal to reach in order to guide the steps towards it.

There are many types: increased sales, brand recognition, creating a link with users… Depending on yours, you will have to choose one email marketing tool or another. Design the strategy: you already know where to go, and now you have to trace the path. Planning is key to achieving goals. We must take into account aspects such as: timing , content to share, available budget, special dates that may affect us, etc. Test: before taking action, it is important to check that the content you are going to launch works. Keep in mind that you are going to send the email to many people.


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