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As the hotmart blog puts it: on a blog as a guest author. Generally, content exchanges occur between collaborators – that is, each of them submits an article. To Post on another person’s blog.” (Hot Sale) Guest Posting You are not only providing diverse. And valuable content to your audience or the audience of other bloggers. But those same followers can start following you, which is to say , you are expanding your pageviews. Which will eventually cause the Google algorithm or any search engine to place your blog higher. So more people will be closer to your content.

That’s just one of the strengths we’ve found, the other is the links. And contacts your company creates, because when you create content for another blog. They can make certain connections so that in the future they might have more posts on that other’s blog . And even link your contacts to other bloggers who might also be interested in working with you. Generate more links, that is, when you publish on other platforms. The links left by those platforms link to you immediately. This is called link building, and it is a very important tool for SEO. Because these mechanisms are used to gain Rank well in search engines.

The Benefits Of Engaging

As a guest author or guest post Increase visits to Argentina whatsapp number list your content. Expand your brand positioning You generate interesting contacts. Which in turn generate more content You favor your domain authority You strengthen your link building strategy. The naturalness of your generation Traffic is easily seen by Google You maintain a dynamic blog. That provides fresh information You help your audience solve doubts or practical problems. You use your content to promote the growth of new entrepreneurs So when making guest posts. You can include Some links to your page, but you have to be careful about a few things. As hotmart mentioned again, “It is very important.

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To establish rules with your guest post collaborators. So that they are included as “dofollow”, which will allow them to Valuable to Google. Avoid “nofollow” links, those that don’t affect the ranking of the target page.” (Hot Shop). Now that we know some of its advantages. How can we be an effective guest post? These are some suggestions so that your participation as a guest author can be of great benefit to you and your audience. Targeting Posts as Guest Authors According to the Antevenio blog, the first step is to target the publications we publish as guest authors; that is, we are looking for content for these new content.

Find New Blogs With Similar Content

The next thing is to start looking for blogs that might have similar content to yours. You also have to consider if you can adapt your writing style to theirs because as a guest author you have to adhere to certain standards, But we’ll get to that later. Check Blog Communities Once you have found a blog you are interested in working with, verify that there is a community related to it, what does it mean? The amount of interaction its users have with it, if they comment on or share it, then you can see how your publication will respond and whether it’s actually helping you achieve your goals.

Now that you know all the benefits of taking advantage of this digital marketing tool and some of the things you must consider, here are some things you should know about us if you’re interested in working with us as a guest author: Our Blog’s Topics Entrepreneurship Digital Marketing Technology Social Media Advertising Tools Finance Digital Broadcast Advertising SEO Tools Web Design Graphic Design Website Requirements to Be a Guest Author We need original content that shows us new perspectives in the fields of entrepreneurship, marketing and advertising, as well as technological innovations that provide us with new information and new ideas Knowledge.

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