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The Bragi product introduction page and. promotional video have also been color-code to match the Conduit CN overall  style. The overall use of low-saturation colors to highligh Conduit Conduit CN Ct the product itself and focus on the communication of product information.

B&O’s official website, a. large number of gray and white, a typical simple and powerful design, reduce unnecessary Conduit CN information. interference, let users’ attention naturally stay on the product. The Morandi color system was mentione earlier.

Become Popular in

This color scheme that has become Conduit CN popular in the. Fashion circle in recent years comes from the famous italian printmaker and oil painter giorgio morandi. The most widely use low-saturation and non-bright colors are precisely because  of their extremely personal. Characteristics, starting from the heart of his life experience, and expressing his own life values ​​in the.

Simplest and purest way. Judging from morandi’s works, his ability to control the balance of the picture and. The use of color can now be interprete in a more modern design language: minimalist, blank, restraine. Colors, so that the focus of the picture stays on

Their Extremely Personal

Conduit CN
Conduit CN

in the main message to be expresse, the complicate. Decoration and details are remove, and it is simple Conduit CN but intriguing. When looking at morandi’s paintings. People can’t help but calm down and penetrate their hearts. This kinof silence, in morandi’s view,

is a. Random arrangement of brushstrokes in various directions. In the whole picture, the forces mutually. Restrict and cancel each other to achieve the perfect balance of vision, which is the artistic direction that. Morandi pursues after combining pots and pots at will. Morandi’s paintings almost never use bright colors. But only use some dark intermeiate tones to express objects.

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