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A video itself is not readable, neither is the Canada Phone Number text in the video, but the metadata all the more! A good description of the video content is therefore essential, as is a stimulating thumbnail. It is a shame if someone sees your content in their google result when Canada Phone Number looking for a good video. But still selects another one because the correct Canada Phone Number still was chosen there. As long as there’s internet, there’s video As Canada Phone Number you can see, the possibilities with video communication are endless. And the trends don’t lie either, video continues to grow. It’s time to jump on the video train. You no longer have to choose between physical or virtual, they seem to go very well together. So let’s go with physical or hybrid events! But don’t forget the aftermovie.

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Are you curious about the opportunities Canada Phone Number that video communication offers your organization? Check out the Oakfield Media website for more inspiration or contact us to discuss the options. Email subscribers are easily bor. If you provide lazy content that is insufficiently tailor to their needs, some will quickly lean back. That means Canada Phone Number your messages will disappear unopened into the depths of their mailboxes in no time . A shame, because inactive subscribers are not only missed Canada Phone Number prospects, all that snoozing can also have a negative impact on your opens and click through rates and therefore on the results of your email marketing . It is therefore important to actively maintain your lists and to keep your subscribers involved. But how do you do that effectively.

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Data marketing platform Dot Digital shared a cheat sheet to get you started. With some bonus tips from the editors of Frankwatching. 1. Map the dropouts Start by identifying which group(s) have dropped out. The reasons why customers or subscribers no longer appreciate your Canada Phone Number newsletters can vary. You can map the groups with the help of Canada Phone Number segmentation tools. This can be done extensively through all kinds of marketing automation systems, but you can also take steps with your existing Canada Phone Number email marketing platform. For example, most systems can filter out those subscribers from your lists who haven’t shown any activity for a certain amount of time. Once you’ve done that, you can further break down your groups by how much engagement they’ve had with your brand recently.

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