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The two most important thinking mistakes that professionals and entrepreneurs make in strategy execution are: The Benin Phone Number Dunning-Kruger Effect . The less you know about a subject, the more you think you know about a subject. This explains why the Netherlands has more than 17 million football national coaches. Turkey Thinking . The turkey is convinced Benin Phone Number that the butcher loves him. He is cared for and fed for 20 months. However, after 20 months, it’s Christmas and the turkey’s world changes dramatically Benin Phone Number overnight. Turkey thinking means that extrapolating from past results is a dangerous way to predict the future. The antidote to wrong assumptions is to hire outside experts on important decisions and projects. This prevents you from inhaling your own exhaust fumes.

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Build a high-performance performance Benin Phone Number culture This is characterized by achieving big goals time and again in the simplest way. All successful teams are successful in the same way. However, all unsuccessful teams fail in their own unique way. Leaders have an exemplary role in this. The minimum behavior you show as a leader is Benin Phone Number the maximum behavior you can expect from your team. Therefore, ask yourself critically what your behavioral standards are: Am I always an owner or am I sometimes a victim? Do I always play to win or do I sometimes play not to lose? Am I always in love with our customer or am I sometimes in love with our product? The success of Benin Phone Number your strategy is predictable. There is a method behind the chaos. This starts with a critical analysis of your existing strategy execution process.

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What new standards do you and your Benin Phone Number team want to set together to massively improve your strategy execution power this year?Starting with the past Our tendency to write in chronological order also often causes us to start with a story about the hobby mode or Benin Phone Number start-up phase. At the age of 12 I discovered and this hobby Your story can certainly find a place lower down the page, but you prefer to start strong, such as ‘I’ve been working as Y for X years and have already. Pitfall 3. Giving self-sabotaging information Benin Phone Number Sometimes you can undermine your own status, such as ‘I worked in healthcare for 10 years until a burnout brought me to a halt. Now I enjoy shooting weddings.’ A potential client may quickly think, “Weddings are really stressful, what if she breaks down again.

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