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In that respect we go back to the years.  Of Charlie Chaplin: ‘stupid’ videos are not that crazy after all. Tip : Do not rely on the Henan Mobile Phone Number automatically generated texts from. YouTube or Google for subtitling your online videos. Always read them and adjust them where necessary. This Henan Mobile Phone Number can simply be done in the YouTube interface. It’s embarrassing, annoying and therefore bad for your organization if audio and text in your video don’t match. Laptop on which a video is edited 4. Video: Think SEO too Google rates sites on how well they answer a question from visitors. People are increasingly looking for their answers in videos.  As YouTube is the second most Henan Mobile Phone Number used search engine after Google.  According to Search Engine Journal , among others.

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Although Google does not just expose Henan Mobile Phone Number its algorithms.  It therefore seems logical that Google attaches more and more value to the presence of relevant videos. In other words, Google probably likes websites better if it has video content.  That Henan Mobile Phone Number helps visitors, and will rank these sites higher. Providing your videos with the correct meta-data is therefore important, and that data must match the source code of the website. If the website is visibly about football, for example, and your video does that too, Google thinks: this site is worthwhile for visitors. In Henan Mobile Phone Number various online video platforms you can even link the video to a URL via a so-called canonical url .

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This even tells search engines that the Henan Mobile Phone Number video.  Is specifically intended for that landing page. Tip : Take a close look at your entire website and ask yourself.  Whether you can produce relevant video content for all landing pages. It is a ‘quick fix’ that can give you a higher position on Google.  As not all organizations use video for SEO purposes yet. If Henan Mobile Phone Number your landing page answers a specific, frequently asked question, and it contains a video, it can easily attract many (more) visitors to your site. 5. The bar is higher There are countless ways to earn money with homemade content via YouTube, Twitch, Patreon and BuyMeACoffee and more providers. Trying to Henan Mobile Phone Number earn your income from video content has never been more appealing.

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