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The author starts from four aspects: reducing. Operation steps, reducing operation difficulty, improving operation willingness, and improving fault tolerance. Rate. (1) difficulty of operation the difficulty Kazakhstan Phone Number of operation is divide into 3 influencing factors: the steps for users to complete a task are 3 steps,

task cognition (understanding the task) – task duration (doing the task) . Task motivation (getting feedback). The faster this close loop is complete, the less difficult it is to understand. Figure 7 operational difficulty influencing factors for example, it seems difficult to develop a game quickly. In 6 months, but if you divide the time into several major milestones:

Task Duration

Demo production, project establishment, close beta 1, close beta 2, public beta, and then carry out each stage. The weekly version tasks are split. And large tasks Kazakhstan Phone Number become tasks that only nee to be complete every week, which is less difficult to operate.

From these  three points, it is not difficult to in the first place understand why different ways of filling in the. Credit information were selecte during the access period of different funders:

linear process – refers to filling in the information. Item by item, there are dependencies before and after, and the previous process cannot be seen if it is not complete.

From These Three Points

Kazakhstan phone number
Kazakhstan phone number

Modular process – means that all require information. Can be fille in separately, and there is n between filling in the information. Figure 8 linear process & modular process of cash Kazakhstan Phone Number loan input data initial credit scheme –

linear process: the initial funder nees less input materials, only 2~3 relatively simple input materials are neede. At this time, the “task in the first place duration” of the two is similar,

and the linear process of obtaining incentives is relatively. Long, but the modular process data entry requires it is hosteon a separate page and has relatively many operation steps.

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