After joining the job, you can finally Israel phone number complain about the extremely poor user experience.

Open source”—mainly relies on product operation to. Absorb traffic, “throttling”—designers can improve Israel Phone Number the traffic conversion rate and bring data growth by. Moreover  the core path.

On the other hand, the upcoming business in the first place revision in q2 involves core links. The 4.0 revision starte in  the middle of q2, to carry out multi-business form layout and support. Multi-fund access, will involve the existing credit process. And repayment process.

How to Optimize and

Second, how to start? Specifically, how to optimize and design. Support for the core chain of Israel Phone Number cash loans, and what kind of thinking should be used to do it. Moreover author starts with analyzing the characteristics of financial products, to derive keywords, and design. Around Israel Phone Number key elements. 2.1

features of financial products compare with other internet products, the autho.r believes that financial products have three main characteristics: relatively complex processes. (whether front-end or back-end logic), professional restrictions, and high user sensitivity. How to understand it.

Data Growth by

Israel phone number
Israel phone number

Moreover  2 features of financial products (1) the process. Is relatively complicate ordinary Israel Phone Numbesr internet products have a relatively shallow. Moreover and a relatively short process.

Most of the processes can Israel Phone Number be complete in three steps, but almost every process. In financial products is relatively complex. Figure 3 is the front-end and back-end system diagram of cash loan. & consumer loan. Taking the cash loan on the left only, there are 6 front-end and back-end links. And each link contains many processes.

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