All Amenities of the Property Are Exceptional Features That Are Very Valuable


This means that unless you have lighting equipment, you should choose a sunny day to shoot the video.

For more professional videos in darker environments (because let’s face it, not all properties are well-lit), you’ll probably want to invest in some basic lighting gear.

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Imagine shooting an apartment complex that has a pool, a gym, and a small corner store for residents, but you don’t show any of those things in the video.

Although the video viewer won’t know what they’re missing until they visit the site, you won’t get as many people interested in booking a physical screening.

So be sure to highlight all Belgium Phone Number the amenities in the video you’re shooting.

Environment / Lifestyle
Although not absolutely essential, it’s a good idea to show people what the surroundings of the property are like.

This will give the potential buyer an idea of ​​the locality and whether it is a good investment opportunity for them.

After all, a house, for example, is not a self-contained unit – it is part of a neighborhood, a community. And if you give the viewer a quick preview of the type of area they would be moving to, your phone will ring for date bookings left right and center.

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Edit details
Your video comes together in post, when you sit down to put all the raw footage together.

Editing has the power to destroy brilliant images on the one hand and enhance mediocre shots on the other.

Thing on the shots that will make the cut, the order in which they are placed, the transitions, the background music, the script and the quality of the voiceover (if you have one), etc.

The final product should reflect the property in the best possible way without misleading the viewer. This will only waste their time, as well as yours.

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