An ordinary product manager’s job Lebanon phone number search experience in Magic 2020

Provident fund account login is one of the credit information. It is necessary to initiate a data request to the provident fund, but the data feeback data is very slow. And the longest may be 60s. Therefore, through Lebanon Phone Number a series of loading processes,

Users are guide to wait. Patiently for the returne results. The provident fund account is allowe to enter the wrong password 3 times. If the password exceeds a certain number of times, the user’s provident fund will. Be blocke, causing inconvenience to the user.

Guided to Wait Patiently

Therefore, when the user enters the wrong. Password, the toast prompt will not be use, and the pop-up prompt will be use to strengthen the. Information to Lebanon Phone Number avoid inconvenience to the user;

after the user has entere the wrong password and is banne. A solution will be provide. Figure 14 provident fund account login 3.2 process optimization of. Borrowing money and binding cards after the user gets the limit, he initiates a loan request,

and needs to. Confirm the loan limit, installment, repayment plan and other information, and complete the addition. Of the bank account, which is convenient for collection and subsequent repayment.

Banned, a Solution Will

Lebanon phone number
Lebanon phone number

Moreover walking through the experts on the borrowing. And card binding process, they found  that there are 4 main problems: figure 15 optimization ideas for.

Borrowing money and binding cards user operation cost is high. For example, you nee to manually switch. As well as  numeric keyboard, manually enter the bank and bank card number you belong to, and after binding the. Card,

you nee to go back to the borrowing Lebanon Phone Number page and select the bank card again. The information level. Is not clear, which leads to the cognitive burden of users. For example, if the information display is not focusd. It is easy to miss the bank selection and receive negative feedback, and all relevant display. Information shows that the user is under great pressure.

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