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I believe that the audience will have many doubts after watching. I had known that boys would be sexually assaulted. It’s obviously going to the supermarket, why do you say it’s going to the supermarket? Why didn’t Brother Jie choose the better Binbin? So what good health did Brother Jie show Ah Wei?

What is the Role of Maggie Here

Licking, licking, licking lips? These Slovenia Phone Number are not bugs, but clues that the crew has buried for many years. After you understand it, you will find that every scene in this play is meaningful, and you will have to sigh. No wonder this is the strongest masterpiece that has been popular on both sides of the strait for nearly 10 years. is attractive. “So what good did Brother Jie show Ah Wei?”

Youtuber Lao Zha Said That the Episode

Slovenia Phone Number

of Brother Jie’s meme was compared. “It’s obviously going to the supermarket, why do you say it’s going to the supermarket?” I explained it in my previous work. And if you want to understand the three questions. Why didn’t Brother Jie choose the better Binbin What is the role of Maggie and lick your lips. It can be deduced that the mastermind is Aunt Shuhui. “Why didn’t Brother Jie choose the better Binbin?”

There are many speculations on the Internet, and some viewers also sounded that Binbin was an accomplice because of its unreasonableness, but this is actually quite understandable. In the previous work, I mentioned that A Wei has a strong body, a wealthy family, and intergenerational upbringing.

A strong body means A Wei is super brave; a wealthy family means A Wei is very rich; It is the object of the local aunt’s dream. In contrast, Binbin is handsome, but his father has been abusive and alcoholic for a long time.

No this woman is not simple. She looks harmless to people and animals. ut she cooperated with Aunt Shuhui gorgeously to create a perfect way for. A Wei towalk to the park and “meet” her acquaintance. I will explain how Maggie and Aunt Shuhui plan at the end of this article.

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