How to design your book cover and not screw it up

They say you should never judge a book by its cover. But I’ve been to amazon and I’ve seen horrendous covers… So ugly that for nothing in the world would I dare to read what’s inside. You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But we all do. Because something tells us that if the author cares so little about his work as to publish it with a bad cover. He Egypt Phone Numbers  won’t care about the content either.
Sometimes you’re wrong. However,  But most of the time you’re right
A book. In these times when the publishing market is saturated.

But you have to think of this as if

With hundreds of books self-published daily on amazon. Needs to attract the attention of readers from minute one. However,  And. Unfortunately. The cover is the first thing those readers. Who don’t know you at all. See when they come across your book. If your cover doesn’t stand out enough or if it’s horrible. The reader will pass on. I know it’s very superficial. it were tinder or you put your best image. Or they will pass you by.
As independent authors and entrepreneurs.  However, Having control over the entire process of publishing a book can be very complicated. Many times.  However, You bet very heavily on your novel. However,  However,  You hire an editorial reading. A good proofreading and editing. A first-class layout and. When the time comes for the cover. You have run out of money. Solution? You use your imagination and craft and model something with photoshop in any way or directly use a pre-made cover with canva. Don’t get me wrong. A cover made with canva can be amazing. The problem is that you don’t always have the skill or taste to do it correctly.

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I make many of my covers. But I have spent many hours learning how to use photoshop. I have taken graphic design courses and I spend my idle hours looking for book covers on amazon and instagram. To understand what real designers do. What is the style that is fashionable and how covers work in each genre. Many times. I take those covers and make my own versions to train myself -if you feel like it. I have posted some on my ig profile that you can see-. But I know that I am not a designer.  However, Therefore. When I make one of those covers. Before fitting it to the book and uploading it. I ask designers and readers for feedback ; if they don’t like it. I change it or hire a professional to design it.
Today I want to explain what options you have available to create your covers and not screw it up. However, Are you interested in the subject?
Do it yourself
As an enterprising writer.  your sleeves and do your covers. As I just explained to you. However,  Doing it right—or not being disgusting—takes a lot of time. It’s not about watching a youtube video on how to make a cover and putting on yourself. Graphic designers spend  About typography. About spaces… my advice is that you prepare yourself before you put on.
Luckily. If you are a member of molpe you will have access to several courses on photoshop . Gimp and canva . With which you can learn to handle these design tools and create the covers of your books.

You have the ability to roll up

I insist. If you want to do it this way. You can. But take it seriously. Review and analyze the covers of the best-selling books of your genre on amazon. See what the covers of the books published by publishers look like. Look at the fonts: do they combine several types of letters? Is there a particular style or color that is repeated? Do they use pictures or illustrations? Primary colors or pastel? Learn to think like a designer and you won’t screw up for sure.


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