Andy Warhol: 4 ways to remember the master of pop art

On the 91st anniversary of his birth, we briefly review one of the most groundbreaking artists in history impossible to think of a can of campbells tomato soup without remembering him. So important is the influence of andy warhol andrew warhola, born august 6, 1929, whose role in the development and spread of pop art continues to this day.

Although his multifaceted personality made him many things – from artist to opinion leader to professional debater – and its hard to pick just one of them, weve tried. Of all the possible warhols, here are four ways to remember the master of pop art. Illustrator most people remember warhol for his campbells soup cans or his portraits of marilyn, but a decade before he fully entered pop art, the young artist had started his career as a successful fashion illustrator in new york.


Developed His Vision of Art Understood as an Infinite Party.

From the fifties. At that time, warhol designed album covers jewelry retouch service and collaborated with some of the most important magazines of the day, such as glamor , in addition to working as a shoe designer. Before the end of the decade, he was showing his work in exhibitions, both in new york and california. Andy warhol 4 ways to remember the master of pop art 3 pa imagesgetty images silkscreen artist it was precisely in california, in 1962, where warhol showed the world his soup cans for the first time.

Throughout the rest of the decade, the artist would throw himself fully into pop art, making anglosaxon popular culture the basis of his work. In a few years, he became one of the bestknown artists in the country, thanks to the controversy that his work generated was it really art or simply the great deception of a very intelligent con man in this sense, the practice of screen.

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Pop Art 7 Lmpcgetty Images Patron Warhols Studio.

Printing allowed him to transform the art market BTB Directory forever , both technically and philosophically for him, what was important was no longer the unique piece, but the unlimited reproduction of the artists vision. Andy warhol 4 ways to remember the master of pop art 5 sion touhiggetty images filmmaker warhol shot and produced more than a. Hundred films, always exploring the possibilities of cinema beyond traditional narrative.

In chelsea girls , the most popular of them all and which was. Released in numerous american theaters, for example, he used two projectors in parallel to narrate several stories at once . As a producer, the collaboration with his friend paul morrissey in some films that are as artistic as they are violent , such as flesh for frankenstein or blood for dracula , is well known .

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