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You have also fixed a good vlog or blog in no time. It is therefore not surprising that you have studied journalism, Dutch or communication. Creating content is what you love to do. You do not have any demonstrable work experience in this area. Not yet! Because this can change quickly. You don’t need any experience India Phone Number List with us, but you do need the quality to do magic with words, a completed HBO or WO education and eagerness to learn. Is this who you are? Then we make you one of the best content specialists in the industry.


The core of this role? As a content specialist, your India Phone Number List thinks along about all content and angles for customer campaigns and you convert these into qualitative and creative content. You develop content ranging from PR material (white papers, articles, press releases and e-books) to marketing content (blog reference cases, web copy and scripts forpodcasts and videos). You also take care of the content for social media and you do interviews with experts. So very versatile. And you always make sure that your content is qualitative and creative, meets the customer’s requirements and connects to the message that the customer wants to convey.

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And oh, yes, that article still has to go India Phone Number List   to the customer today. So you have to be able to plan well and apply focus. And then it is good to know that you are not alone: ​​you are part of a strong team. Your colleagues are always there for you, so that you can create content of the highest level. Who we are? We are Marcommit! We are attention grabbers; always curious about news and trends and looking for creative hooks with which we create newsworthy storylines for our customers. These are leading high-tech organize.

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