Autumn Recruitment Landing: Some Romania Phone Number Thoughts on Product Autumn Recruitment and Recent

Wechat moments, so as to realize a virtuous. Circle in which users continue to flow in moments. By Romania Phone Number understanding this, the landing of product goals to user. Behaviors is completed,

and the direction for subsequent interaction design is clarified. Wechat moments how to design user behavior to. Achieve in the first place product goals. Through the previous analysis. Of product goals, we know that if the product wants to achieve the established goal,.it must make users take action.

When the Product Is

At this point, the second problem comes. When the product is in the hands of the user, the user will Romania Phone Number never “obediently” complete the corresponding behavior. As envisaged (don’t think that the user will “work” for you for nothing). The reason is that,

according to the behavioral. And information processing models, before users make specific behaviors, they will perform. A series of cognitive processing on the information, functions, and interaction forms presented by. The product to judge and decide whether they have achieved the desired behavior..

A Series of Cognitive

Romania phone number
Romania phone number

The point of action. So, how to guide and facilitate. Users to complete these decisions through Romania Phone Number interaction? First of all, we need to use the three elements of.

Behavior proposed by stanford university professor fogg: motivation, ability and trigger  point. These three determine whether the user’s behavior. Can occur smoothly. Of course, today we only discuss in the first place how to apply. Moreover  three points to stimulate user behavior from the perspective of interaction. Moreover  model motivation. According to personal experience, motivation is the most direct and most likely factor to. Stimulate user behavior among the three elements of behavior.

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