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And applications . These processes are carried out through applications generated through open source code . This means that software is used that is available to the public to be used free of charge and gradually improved. In addition, users often interact with decentralized finance through software known as “dapps” or decentralized applications . Being these executed in the chain of blocks. Apart from the blockchain, in the operation of the defi, multiple technologies and protocols are applied to achieve the objective of decentralization.

Crisis Due to Stagflation Is

As an example, a system with the decentralized characteristic can result from the combination of open source, blockchain and software. As we have seen, it will be the smart contracts, or intelligent contracts, that will automate the contract agreements between buyers and sellers. Decentralized Latvia Phone Number finance vs centralized finance we must keep in mind that decentralized finance has emerged as an alternative to traditional or centralized finance. The latter are practically all the operations that are currently operated by default, such as loans or other types of activities.

Danger of Stagflation Currently

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Decentralized finances provide a series of advantages that facilitate transactions through financial applications through the blockchain. Therefore eliminating the need for intermediaries. By not having the need for intermediaries , the costs of the procedures are considerably reduced, facilitating the increase in the agility of the operations. Apart from this, they make financial services more accessible to the population as a whole. In this case, in the products derived from centralized finance there are certain limitations.

This occurs because the contracting of certain products and services, such as opening a bank account. Is restricted for certain individuals. Here the defi help to grant greater decision-making power to the plaintiffs . In addition another of the advantages it offers is flexibility. Aince there are no access limitations due to schedules. As occurs in centralized finances. Conclusions on the defi as we have been able to observe. When considering a decentralized ecosystem there is an absence of regulations by third parties. If we look at traditional or centralized finance, there is the

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