Why Links Should Be a KPI Within Your Digital Marketing

Tracking links will increase the effectiveness of your online marketing, as a whole.

The Internet is often referred to as the web, due VP Safety Email List to its interlinked nature. Links function as a vote of confidence, an endorsement, a citation of value, and a signal of trust and authority.


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All of these factors make links ideal to track from a marketing standpoint. The more relevant sites endorse your pages, recommending you to their audience, the better your marketing does as a whole. Links affect branding, grow relationships, improve reach, and most of all, SEO.

For all of these reasons links can, and should, serve as an important KPI for measuring the success of your online marketing. Links will help gauge the efficacy of your marketing, and increase your overall effectiveness.

Nearly all marketing involves brand building, especially a new product launch, event marketing, or any type of publicity campaign.

Brand building requires a multi-faceted approach that accounts for:

And trust.
If you’re running image PR campaigns, sponsoring local events, hosting giveaways/contests, distributing press releases, etc. – links can help measure whether you’re building brand equity effectively. Your brand represents how you are perceived and what your customers think of your company. Links improve your publicity efforts through increased exposure, authority, and trust.

Links are the digital version of brand names. If someone mentions your product, but not your brand name, your publicity is missing a crucial piece. Online, if someone mentions your brand, product, or website, but fails to include a link, you’re missing a crucial piece of the publicity (and brand!) puzzle.

Building a strong, respected brand is one of the most sustainable ways to grow a business. People want to engage with brands they trust and respect, and links are a great way to measure trust and respect online.

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