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The unconventional designs of Volkswagen Ivory Coast Phone Number were sometimes under fire at the time. So Bill Bernbach , the American creative director for advertising, used this to advantage with the slogan “It’s ugly but it gets you there” (pdf). And then only the black and Ivory Coast Phone Number white image of a lunar lander . Do you see what happens? Or rather: you are what happens? By starting with a weakness, there is immediate credibility and therefore trust. Immediately after planting that feel that Ivory Coast Phone Number emotion.  The content of the message for ‘but’ is forgotten. The But Eraser does its job well. And the But Enchanger also, by the way,  more value is attach to the second part of the sentence. The message after the but. ‘But it gets you there’. But find the differ Enough about how ‘but’ is us in large campaigns.

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In the beginning of this article I mentioned three practical examples where ‘only’ worked heavily at a Ivory Coast Phone Number disadvantage. What if I simply throw that sentence structure upside down? Suddenly the feeling is that you leave behind a completely different order. “We don’t close a deal, but you have given very convincing arguments.” ‘Your Ivory Coast Phone Number contract will not be extended, but your efforts are greatly appreciated.’ ‘I see an unsatisfactory mark here, but what a fantastic report.’ But it works And that is how but for you can work. Now I’m curious: do you (still) need Ivory Coast Phone Number protection or do you let the word ‘but’ work for you? So that there is a very soft landing in the subconscious brain of your readers? But why? Recently I was allowed to edit a text. nice. Until I stumbled upon the word.

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During a quick CTRL-F action on Ivory Coast Phone Number this signal word, I understood why I had tripped. The text of a few hundred words contained ‘but’ 51 times. Luckily I was wearing my helmet and knee pads. 51 times the signal word was used as a handy bridge to Ivory Coast Phone Number connect sentences. Probably in the hope that this word would guide the reader through the story. Wishful thinking. One of my guilty pleasures is watching the TV show Blind Date. If at the end of a date one person says to Ivory Coast Phone Number the other: “I thought it was a really nice date, but you can already see the mood coming. But everything before the word ‘but’ is not true The word but has a negative association in our unconscious brain. Think about it: when you receive a compliment followed by the word “but,” you’re probably thinking, “Oh dear, now comes the bad news.

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