Block Users and Delete Spam Comments

Bots however can harvest what information

users put into comments and forms, which they can then use for a spam campaign or sell to competitors. Some of these bots can even skim credit card data from your site. You need to be extra careful in making sure bots can’t gain access to this information by constantly updating your site security.

They’ll Spam Your Site With Poor-Quality Backlinks. Bots do this by selling links from your site to clients and then commenting on your blog posts with their clients’ poor-quality links.

Sometimes, the links are harmless, but they usually take your readers back to questionable websites, where scammers are peddling anything from fake pills to malware. Scammers will even use a buffer site so your audience doesn’t realize they’re on a more sinister site at first.

They Can Get Your Site Blacklisted. From slowing down your site to injecting malware or clickjacking, all of these malicious activities can break the trust of your site’s audience.

Bots can load your site with so much garbage that it ultimately discourages any legitimate visits from customers. This could potentially get your site blacklisted and destroy everything you’ve done to develop a trusted site.

Whatcha Gonna Do?

So, how do you spot bad bots and what can IT Directors Managers Email Lists you do about it? There are some preventative measures you can take:

IT Directors Managers Email Lists

While not perfect, it’s fairly easy to go in and delete spammy comments on your blog. This way, your readers are at a lower risk for becoming victims of malware downloads.
Get a Traffic Filter for Your Ads. With traffic filtration, you can make sure your ads are only being shown to relevant viewers and not bots.
Block the Bot’s IP Address. While not entirely effective, because most bots use numerous IP addresses, once you identify a bot, block that IP address.
Search for Your Site in Incognito Mode. Try to see what your customers see to help you get a better idea of their user experience, and make you aware of bots lurking behind tricky click prompts.

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