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If you dream of being a writer, Argentina Phone Number one of my favorite side jobs is watching writers become entrepreneurs and sell ebooks on Amazon. I’m so excited for my friend Ana to share how she publishes her book on Amazon. We both started our online journey around. At the same Argentina Phone Number time and it was exciting to see where her online journey took her. Please enjoy today’s article! Are you an information entrepreneur, blogger or content creator? With wisdom to share and looking to add an additional revenue stream to Argentina Phone Number your online business? Because writing and publishing Amazon eBooks can be a great way to generate additional income in your business on autopilot.

I Learned That It Is Imperative

In this article, I’ll show you how to Argentina Phone Number generate up to $2,000 (or more) per month by self-publishing informative eBooks on the Amazon platform.

I know it’s possible because the students in my Argentina Phone Number Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp course have done it – even without an audience of their own. (This trick is shared at the end of this post!) During my blogging career, I’ve published several ebooks on Amazon and on my blog. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. But I’ve found that Amazon is a great marketing tool that increases your visibility as an author, in Argentina Phone Number addition to being a way to publish and sell eBooks. Here are more reasons why you might want to publish an ebook on Amazon. It adds extra credibility to your expert status since not every blogger is an Amazon Publish author.

Argentina Phone Number

This is a market with a lot of traffic and a Argentina Phone Number solid audience. The latest statistics show that Amazon has 310 million active users! In other words, you can get people to find your book with Argentina Phone Number less work because it’s a search engine for people who are ready to buy!

You can sign up for Amazon KDP and Argentina Phone Number get paid for reading page. In addition to traditional ebook sales, if you enroll your book. The Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing program, their Kindle Unlimited subscribers can access. Your ebook for free, but you get paid for every page you read. (Think of it as their artist’s Spotify royalties.)

You can run house ads to increase traffic and sales. For example, it’s much easier to set up than Facebook Ads , and if set up correctly, you can make passive sales every month!


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