Budget for Daily Activities


I don’t want to manage a big team in Paraguay Phone Number any way, but it’s impossible for me to get to that level myself. It’s also unrealistic to make you think I handle everything myself. My team members excel in many different areas. This includes handling multiple inboxes, Paraguay Phone Number working with affiliates, managing our programs and memberships, technology and automation, blog posts, mentoring, working directly with all of our subcontractors, and more. Subcontractors include help with setting up Facebook ads, design work, and more. I am a firm believer in paying team members their value.

Travel Expenses

I want my team members to know they Paraguay Phone Number are valued! One of the best things I did last year was to create an org chart that mapped out everyone’s roles so we could all see who was responsible for which areas. I really try to distance myself from certain Paraguay Phone Number areas of the business and have complete trust in my team members for many things. It’s a great visualization tool that I’ve been referring to. This gives me the freedom to focus on helping my students and alumni thrive in being a Pinterest VA TODAY! and Diva Dog Bakery .

Paraguay Phone Number

I can also focus on company goals, Paraguay Phone Number growth. The larger vision, rather than being constrained by tasks that team members can do. As the business grew, so did the expense last year. This is mainly to increase the roles and income of team members. Affiliate payments Paraguay Phone Number have also increased, which I’m always happy to pay. Other normal fees include advertising, all the various platforms on which our products and courses are hosted. Hosting and domain name fees, our email provider, and the hefty fees we pay for online transactions.

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