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You can’t do everything yourself. And you shouldn’t want that either. Of course it is useful to be able to use Photoshop to ensure a uniform style, but feel free to use other tools as well. Campaign Monitor offers me a wonderful tool to conduct email marketing. Easily linked with CRM and webshop, so that people immediately end up on the right lists after purchasing the GPS tracker.SEMrush is perfect for tracking the search terms and the change in how Estonia Phone Number  Google ranks you and your competitors. And with that I adjust weekly.And then one of my favorite tools: Google Optimize. No need to purchase complex A/B testing software, no complex integrations that have to run through the developers, but a tool that serves your visitors an A and B variant (or even C) and see what converts better. And ‘better’ is defined by linking it to one or more of your Google Analytics goals. Okay, it doesn’t benefit your page speed, but to test a specific goal it can run for a month.

Support customer service

Because you still work at a small business, there is also no unlimited staffing on customer service. So it’s up to the marketer to bring structure to Estonia Phone Number the chaos. Which questions are asked the most? Can we inform people before they pick up the phone? How do we deal with people who still don’t understand?My tip is simple. Document as much as possible, or if you can: make a video of it. Where you can click through Wi-Fi tools at giants such as KPN, you probably do not have that available as an SME. But you do have YouTube. By recording a video with your phone (if it concerns an app) or Camtasia with a desktop application and simply recording a voice-over via your Apple dictaphone, you quickly have an excellent product that meets the needs of customer service. to support.



I also chose to use a chatbot to direct Estonia Phone Number  traffic as well as possible. In our case it was Chaport, so you don’t have to program your own bot but only have to enter the questions and answers. Chaport also offers a direct chat with the sales team. That turned out not to be a bad decision. 30% of the chats on the website turned out to convert to purchase.

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