If The Business Proposer Load Theory Is a China Phone Number

What is cognitive load theory? First you nee to understand. The definition of cognitive load. Cognitive load refers to the total amount of load that the memory China Phone Number system bears. In the process of processing and retaining information for a specific cognitive task. The cognitive load theory is a theory that allows. Information recipients to use limite cognitive. Resources China Phone Number to achieve the best information acquisition effect through reasonable design. There are three sources of cognitive load, .the nature of the content (difficulty, quantity, etc.), the user’s existing experience (for example.

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Compare to the elderly, young people are more likely. To use a new game), and the way the content is presente. Since the first two are difficult to change, this paper. Mainly discusses the optimization of the presentation method. The following four strategies China Phone Number are propose to construct a qualifie interface design. 2. How to use cognitive load theory? 1. Part of the task. Strategy, the basic functions are mainly presente to put it simply, some tasks China Phone Number are presente first, then. The rest of the tasks are presente in turn, and finally the whole is presente, and the most basic functions. Should be presente in focus.

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China phone number
China phone number

For example, taobao has many functions. But in the beginning. Always guide customers from the basic function of shopping. And this feature will also. Be China Phone Number placein the most conspicuous part of the interface. It is worth noting that when it is require to process information, working memory can only process 2 to 3 pieces of information at a time, so China Phone Numbers it is best not to excee 3 . Tasks in designing a pathway. 2. Remove redundant strategies and reduce interference of irrelevant information. The interface should focus on reducing redundant interference information, which can be divide into. Two aspects, one is to reduce unnecessary functional design, and the other is to reduce. Unnecessary beautification design.

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