The Change, But Not So Slow Iceland Phone Number

Motion duration and spee when the position and. State of an element change, the motion should be slow enough and long enough for the user to notice the Iceland Phone Number change. But not so slow that the user needs to wait. Numerous studies have shown that the optimal duration. Of motion effects is between 200 milliseconds and 500 milliseconds, and this research Iceland Phone Number figure is base on th.e cognitive style of the human brain and the spee at which information is digeste. Any motion less than. 100 milliseconds is almost instantaneous to the human eye and difficult to recognize, while motion over. 1 second will give people a sense of lag.

Milliseconds Is Almost Iceland Phone Number

The duration of the animation effect in the. Interface on mobile devices such as mobile phones, according to the recommendations of material design Iceland Phone Number, the duration. Of motion effects should be controlle between 200 and 300 milliseconds. On a Iceland Phone Number tablet, this duration should. Be extende by about 30%, that is, the duration should be between 400 and 450 milliseconds. The reason. Is very simple. The larger the screen size, the longer the distance spanne by the element when the displacement. Occurs. Under the condition of a certain spee, the duration will naturally be longer. Correspondingly, on. Small screens of wearable devices, this duration should be shortene by 30%, between 150 and 200 milliseconds.

The Reason Is Very Simple Iceland Phone Number

Iceland phone number
Iceland phone number

The screen size of the mobile device affects the. Duration of the animation the handling of web page animations is also different. Since we are accustomed. To opening web pages directly in the browser, considering the performance of the browser Iceland Phone Number and everyone’s. Usage habits, the user’s expectation for the rate of change of the animation. Effect in the browser is relatively fast. Compared with the speed of the animation in the mobile terminal Iceland Phone Number , the speed in the web page. Will be twice as fast. In other words, the duration of the animation should be between 150 and 200 milliseconds. If it lasts too long, users can’t. Help but feel that the page is stuck. However, if the motion used in your. Web page is not functional, but decorative, or to grab the user’s attention, then forget this rul.

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