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But that’s easier said than done. To Singapore Phone Number endure the fear of not being good enough, you must learn to tolerate discomfort. You can start very small: for example, are you inclined to always be the first to talk in a meeting, because you can’t bear to be quiet for a while? Try what happens when you stay still. Also read: 4 types Singapore Phone Number of hard workers: how do you work smarter? nevernotworking If you have practiced with this, the next step is to recognize perfection stress, without having to change it. By opening up and experiencing Singapore Phone Number difficult emotions, you give yourself permission to be right where you are. You become more flexible and more open to whatever comes your way.

Applications But Singapore Phone Number

This step is very much about self-compassion and looking within curiosity. What actually happens in your body? By consciously thinking Singapore Phone Number and feeling about this, the fear subsides. Step 4: Respond positively to mistakes If you think about it, it’s crazy: everyone is allowed to make mistakes, but not you. I think it’s very brave when someone shares a mistake, but sharing my own mistakes is a lot harder. And believe me, I make them.Mistakes Singapore Phone Number make perfection stress To admit your mistakes it is important that you can accept the situation as you get it and not judge mistakes. How often do you make yourself a bad and incapable person when you make a mistake.

Singapore Phone Number

But Only Singapore Phone Number

I’m so clumsy, a loser, waster that I haven’t seen this or done it right.” Stop that! In addition, it is also very important that you feel safe to share your mistakes. How do you respond to your work when you discuss an error? It is important to create a Singapore Phone Number culture of failure. This means: Don’t punish failure, make it negotiable Practice a lot in failure Look back and learn Communicate transparently I am fortunate to experience this in Singapore Phone Number practice at my current employer. My manager has been very clear from the start: “we all make mistakes, will make many more, but I’m always behind.

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