But There Chance Poland Phone Number

Or something else? Write down the Poland Phone Number meaning of your dream and then focus on the energy you get from this dream. What does the dream do to you? How does it feel to be doing this? You do this to anchor the feeling, so that you feel in your whole body what it is like to chase this dream. To make sure you don’t forget why you Poland Phone Number are working on your dream, you can send yourself an email, for example via FutureMe . With this you keep yourself sharp and make sure you don’t forget why you are chasing your Poland Phone Number dream. Step 4. Divide your dream into small steps Now that you have fully visualized your dream, you can get started on setting a number of achievable goals.

But There Chance Poland Phone Number

Those steps can be very small. For example, the first step for the dream I have discussed here could be: “Every month I go for coffee with an Poland Phone Number entrepreneur to hear how he or she started and write down 3 things I learned from that story.” It may feel very small, but this way you keep it feasible and you ensure that your dream comes closer and closer. There’s no point in saying “I’m going to build and start a website,” then you’re boycotting your own dream. As a coach, I notice that ‘boycotting’ your own dream happens to a lot of people, often Poland Phone Number out of fear. So know that every step is one and that your own pace is good enough.

Poland Phone Number

There Chance Poland Phone Number

Can you think of the first step you can take? What would that be? Maybe you can already think of more. Dreaming for a growth mindset and taking steps The most important thing I want to tell you is that it is very important for your happiness at work to regularly consider whether the work you are doing is still what you want to be doing. Do you still Poland Phone Number get enough energy from your work? As adults, we are often very good at figuring out why we shouldn’t do something, because ‘now’ is often not the right time. That’s a shame! So shake up your growth mindset again.

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