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In the form of microlearning, we call it short form learning . Microlearning stands on its own, the entire content is offered in the form of microlearning. You can start from scratch, but also from an existing Kuwait Phone Number starting point. For example, consider a book or magazine. The content is already there, but you offer it again in an attractive, manageable learning form (accessible via mobile). Note: you can’t just chop up the content! You redesign the Kuwait Phone Number content in a didactic manner, while guarding against cognitive overload. This means that each learning unit, also known as a learning nugget , contains only Kuwait Phone Number one learning objective and a maximum of three takeaways. You can serve all learning nuggets as if they were a bundle over a certain period. Investigate whether a revenue model may be applicable here.

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Perhaps a subscription model, where the user pays and then gets to receive the series. Or product packaging, where microlearning is a Kuwait Phone Number large part of your product range. 4. With support at work In Performance Support, i.e. support while you work, microlearning is a valuable and often used tool. Think, for example, of job Kuwait Phone Number aids – simple, clear instructions on how employees should do something. Or a poster on the work floor with safety instructions. Mind you, not everything can be learned with microlearning. But maybe you can convert some of the instructions, procedures Kuwait Phone Number and manuals into microcontent? Such as a summary, repetition, the top 3 most important actions. Filming real-life situations and sharing them with employees is also a great way to learn what to do.

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See here an example in which the learning objective is packaged in the introduction voice-over and the takeaway Kuwait Phone Number in the outro. The video of approximately one and a half minutes is part of a series of practical films about working in a nursing home, which serve as a discussion tool. 5. Add value Can you link microlearning content to one of Kuwait Phone Number your own events, such as a conference or course? Then you create a longer-term commitment for participants and add value to (the price of) the Kuwait Phone Number event. For example, in the month prior to the event, send learning nuggets on the topic. Or consider extending contact moments for them from the perspective of exhibitors, advertisers or other business relations (B2B). By issuing a series of bite-sized pieces of teaching material after an event.

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