C-end products are Spain Phone Number converted to data products, what are the interview questions?

Today I talked with a friend about an interesting topic: C-side product manager wants to transfer to data product manager, what questions will be asked during the interview?

This question will really affect the hearts of many students. After all, when Internet product managers are “influxing” in large numbers, the C-side business is everyone’s most enthusiastic target; at Spain Phone Number that time, there was no concept of the B-side, and everyone was fighting for creativity. and gameplay.

I have provided a list of questions for C-end product students who want to switch to data products; this list can help you start from the work at hand and gradually establish a thinking mode about data product managers.

1. List of questions

What is the “product” you are primarily responsible for right now?

An App, H5, or part of it that directly serves users;A platform or part of it that indirectly serves users, such as Spain Phone Number business background, operation platform, account center, etcA WeChat official account, Toutiao account, etother types of products;

What is the core problem that the “product” you are responsible for solves? Is there a better solution?

What are the “data-related” aspects of your work?

Mainly responsible for product operation, responsible for user activity, conversion rate, customer complaint rate and other indicators; Mainly responsible for the operation of the event, responsible for the ROI,participation and other indicators of the event;

Second, “0 experience” interview preparationSpain Phone Number

0 experience is a common situation when changing careers. For example, for C-end products to data products, the relevant experience is likely to be 0; in this case, we have to start from the interview Spain Phone Number itself to prepare.

Structured Interviewing is a commonly used interview method. Its core feature is to design a structured question bank and evaluation criteria according to the job requirements, so as to comprehensively and objectively examine the interviewers.

For data product managers, there are mainly the following necessary skills:

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