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Do you recognize these trends within Bulgaria Phone Number your own organization? Then do something about it now. Bring employees together, take their opinions seriously, facilitate dialogue. Coach managers in new, inclusive leadership. Make Bulgaria Phone Number sure you reach and involve everyone. Also flex workers and the know-it-alls who always have something to complain about. That is of course extra difficult in these times of working Bulgaria Phone Number from home and keeping distance. But earlier this year we surprised ourselves by bringing operational processes online quickly. Video calling, MS Teams and VPNs are now well established.

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This is also possible for this ‘generative’ collaboration, such as with an online engagement platform where you bring news and information, community, participation, learning, innovation and cross-team collaboration together. And Bulgaria Phone Number where you as an organization set the tone and keep control. This is how you take the wind out of the sails of the Trumps among your colleagues!Intuition is the way your ‘subconscious self’ Bulgaria Phone Number relays messages to your ‘conscious, thinking self’. For me, it’s that gut feeling that sometimes makes you already know an answer, without having really thought about a particular situation.

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We all have it, it is just not well developed in many and is often suppressed by the ‘demands’ that society places on us. In his book Business by feeling (affiliate) Marcel Adriaanse explains how you can strengthen your intuition and how it can help you and the other person (business) further. Intuitive Analysis You make many decisions every day. I often find that quite difficult, because am I making the right choice? Have I really weighed up all the pros and cons ? Is there anyone I should have asked for an opinion? And before I know it, I continue to doubt, postpone something or just say ‘yes’, because then I don’t reject anything.

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