Why Marketers Can’t Optimize for Mobile Without Call Attribution Software

Digital marketing has gone mobile. And thanks Accounting Directors Email Lists to smartphones and click‐to‐call, consumers are responding to search, social, display, and other digital ads and campaigns by calling businesses by the billions. These calls, while often the most lucrative type of conversion, are also the most difficult for marketers to measure and optimize. However, many marketers lack the ability to attribute customer calls to their digital marketing efforts.

Not Attributing Calls is a Big Risk

Accounting Directors Email Lists

As digital marketing goes mobile, call conversions have skyrocketed. Research firm BIA/Kelsey predicts calls from search, social, and display advertising will exceed 162 billion in 2019. That’s because smartphones are, after all, still phones. And using a click-to-call button is the fastest and most natural way for consumers to connect with businesses. There are many reasons why not measuring and optimizing for customer calls can be a big mistake:

You miss out on conversions and sales

Without the ability to attribute calls to digital marketing efforts, marketers can’t effectively optimize for mobile. That’s where call attribution software comes in. Call attribution software is a form of conversion tracking technology for marketers. Digital marketers use call attribution software to optimize for the channels, search keywords, ads, emails, web pages, and online content that generate the most customer calls.

Think of call attribution as a key piece of marketing technology. It’s like Google Analytics, DoubleClick, or Marketo – but for call conversions It also works with those tools to help marketers improve performance.

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