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You can outsource more effectively if you have your basic conditions in order, such as a strategy for your content marketing, a tone of voice and established KPIs. This way, a freelancer or external specialist knows immediately what to be done. It is also possible to outsource a specific assignment. Extra professionals in-house gives the team more speed and flexibility. B2B Outsourcing trend 2022 5. To measure is to know If you don’t measure your results, you don’t know what works and what doesn’t.

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It makes sense that not all content will resonate with your B2B audience. Therefore, keep a close eye on which content works well and which does not. In addition, changes around SEO or search algorithms (62%) have been top of mind at B2B organizations for 2 years. This year, data management/analysis (50%) was the second priority in the survey. In a digital Japan Phone Number environment where data is becoming increasingly important, this is certainly plausible. By measuring success step-by-step, you can understand which technologies are most successful and how to increase ROI ( return on investment ). B2B content marketing tools .

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The takeaways of the investigation In 2021, small Japan Phone Number content teams still the norm More budget is use to outsource work. The big challenge in content marketing outsourcing is finding partners with up-to-date expertise. Content marketing budgets are expecte to continue to grow Virtual events. And webinars delivere the best results Investment in Japan Phone Number is expect to increase in 2022 Changes in SEO/search algorithms and Japan Phone Number data management/analysis are top of mind in 2022 More investments in videos, own media resources and paid media in 2022 Source: Content Marketing Institute, B2B content marketing: Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends.

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