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Running massively trafficked WordPress sites is challenging. There are many factors:

Expensive – requires server(s) based on traffic size
Skills – must be adept at optimizing web server, database, PHP, WP for optimal performance.
Security – you have to ensure that the necessary security related to WP is implemented to avoid being hacked .
Maintenance – You need to regularly update WP core, themes, and plugins to make sure you don’t expose any vulnerabilities or breaks due to compatibility issues.
A static site is lightweight and security is less of a concern.

You can make the static site run on a cloud storage like GCS and pay only for storage/bandwidth cost (much lower compared to WordPress server).


I know what you’re thinking

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Making a site with WordPress is easy as it has a huge marketplace of themes and plugins. You can get your site ready with WP in just a few minutes/hours, which will take more time to design/develop using static HTML/CSS/JS.

So how not to leave WordPress and enjoy the benefits of a static site? together ?


The idea is to use WordPress to build your site and once done convert them to static HTML files.

Let’s see how to do it efficiently.

Exporting WordPress to Static HTML Files
There are many ways to accomplish this, but I found the following procedure to be straightforward. As usual, try first in a staging/non-production environment to see how it works.



Login to your WordPress admin


Note: If you don’t have a WP setup yet, you China Phone Number can set up the LAMP environment on your local PC or use shared hosting like SiteGround .
It will take some time depending on the size of your site. I am testing with a dummy install, which got 56 urls and took 5 seconds .

Download the zip file by clicking “Click here to download”.
This concludes that the WordPress site is converted to static files and it’s time to put them in Cloud Storage.

News : I found two other solutions that help make the WordPress site static as well.

HardyPress – provide an option to convert an existing site or create a new one. It also provides accommodation.
Shifter – Serverless WordPress Hosting.
Hosting WordPress Static Files to Google Cloud Storage
GCS is one of the best cloud-based object storage devices for hosting static files. But there is more, if you want to explore.

I have a spare URL (techpostal.com), which I will use for this demo.

First of all , you have to verify ownership of the domain with Google .

Once verified…

Go to Google Cloud >> Storage ( direct link )
Click create deposit
Send cube and storage class information and create.

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