Cognitive Psychology: Why We Macedonia phone number Can’t “Restrain Desires”

Existing problems whether the repayment process. Is easy to use is relate to whether the user can  repay in time, avoid credit impact, and whether the loan. Can be Macedonia Phone Number resume smoothly. There are 3 problems with the repayment process: redundant functions and.

Unclear information hierarchy. Moreover  are two sets of duplicate functions in the consumer loan and cash loan portals. And only the page styles are different, which leads to pressure on users to understand.

The hierarchical structure is complex and the operation path is long. For consumer loans, the repayment path is long.

When Repaying, the User Needs to

When repaying, the user needs to go to the cash. Loan statement page before initiating the repayment Macedonia Phone Number operation; for cash loans, the early repayment path is very. Deep, which makes it inconvenient for users to repay in. Advance and affects the conversion of refinancing the detail page,

repayment schedule, and early repayment page have a mixed hierarchical structure. Moreover the user understands the cost is high.

The page status is not clearly communicated, and the user. Has no sense of security. It is an empty page and is missing, all bills are empty pages,

Counter Bill in

Macedonia phone number
Macedonia phone number

And the details page of the over-the-counter bill in. The case of no bill is not friendly to users; the payment amount is still displayed in the paid-off state. Causing users to misunderstand and convey “negative emotions”; no bills status, rude white space. And information Macedonia Phone Number display,

do not convey positive guidance. Figure 19 existing pain points in the repayment process it can be found that redundant functions and unclear page information lead to high. Cognitive difficulty.

Deep levels and long operation paths affect the task path and duration, thus affecting the. Moreover  steps and operation difficulty and affecting the conversion. Moreover  solution can be from these two aspects, as shown below.

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