Commit to Becoming a More Digitally Adept Organization

In order to succeed, organizations must bring Hospital Mailing Lists in a CDO that . A disrupts the traditional thinking and current business model. According to the Mckinsey article ‘Transformer in chief’: The new chief digital officer, a successful CDO leads transformation and articulates a strategic vision by identifying the root causes of business problems through a combination of hard and soft skills. They leverage their skills to overcome organizational inertia and drive enterprise-wide digital transformation and innovation.

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The Russell Reynolds Survey demonstrates that this new generation of digital executives consistently scores higher across five broad areas: innovative, disruptive, social adeptness, bold leadership, and determination.

2. Foster data-driven culture

We can’t talk about digital without also mentioning its lifeblood: data. Data helps marketers move beyond mere hypothesis about their customers and gain a deeper understanding of the customers’ journey through each touchpoint.

Digital capabilities ultimately provide an important foundation for improving

the customer experience. It is critical to apply analysis and start thinking more intentionally

about the customer, keeping this crucial question in mind: “How will this change affect the customer?”

It’s imperative to unleash a “spirit of digital” throughout your entire organization. CDOs must inject speed into processes, set aggressive goals, automate existing development processes,

and establish flexible budgets, with the goal of obtaining necessary

resources to scale the most important projects quickly and efficiently. Many organizations are employing the use of internal hackathons to inspire collaboration and identify which ideas are worthy of investing company resources to build.

“Digital isn’t merely a thing – it’s a

new way of doing things. Many companies are focused

on developing a digital strategy when they should instead focus on integrating digital into all aspects of the business.”
– ‘Transformer in chief’, McKinsey

Ninety percent of top performers have fully integrated digital initiatives into their strategic-planning process. CDOs must work closely with the CEO, CIO,

CFO and business-unit leaders to be an active shaper of the company strategy, and be committed to executing a bold vision by starting new businesses, acquiring technologies, or investing in innovations.

“For the leaders who are anticipating massive digital disruption in their industries, these three levers are the key to realizing the potential that lies ahead.”
– Rhys Grossman, Russell Reynolds Associates

For the organizations that want to withhold a strong position,

hiring the right talent to lead the change, creating a culture that makes data-based decisions, and fully committing to transforming to


a digitally adept organization are the three levers to stay ahead.

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