Common Workflow SOP Scheme Portugal Phone Number for Small Teams

The mood board presents a stylistic vision that. Corresponds to the needs of the project 3. A conceptual Portugal Phone Number variant of a soccer-themed sports mood board. People often ask, what is interaction design? Faced with such a question, it is sometimes difficult to answer.

It’s not that i can’t answer it, but i want to say too many things, so when you meet a

designer. Who can talk, he may go from user needs analysis, user research, user psychology to product positioning, information. Architecture, and task flow layers. , page layout and other aspects will give you a vivid “interactive introductory class”.

Difficult to Answer

But in fact, you may still be in a fog when. You hear it, as if the interaction is doing the work o the product, the user researcher. And even the information architect. What is the interaction doing? In a word, the essence of interaction is to study and design. User Portugal Phone Number behavior. Having said so much, let’s return to today’s topic, how do interaction. Designers meet product goals through the design of user behavior.

What are product goals? The product goal is a. State that is expected to be achieved after the product is launched based on factors such as user needs, business needs. And commercial value, such as how many users are active, how many users have successfully.

When You Hear

Portugal phone number
Portugal phone number

converted, how many page views have increased, and so on. To support this goal, the user needs to be able to actually complete some things (tasks). And more s specifically, the user needs to complete this goal through a series of behaviors. In other words, the product goal determines that the user.

Needs to take which behavior. For exampl Portugal Phone Number e: wechat needs to increase the user’s activity in the. Circle of friends. What behaviors do users need to pay for this goal. Top-down scrolling information flow (browsing behavior), posting photos, text (production content behavior),

sharing link. Articles (sharing behavior), likes and comments (social interaction behavior), etc., this series of behaviors it constitutes the content interaction ecology of .

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