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What is shopify and what is it for It’s taking color, right? We’re almost there! Within these first steps, all that remains is to add a domain name for the online store. you are progressing very well Here you will have several options: If you have a domain registered with a third party, you can connect it to your online store so that when they type in the domain name, your content is displayed. Transfer domain . Move a domain that you have from another provider to Shopify. This way you will control the renewals of your domain from your Shopify panel. Buy a domain . If you don’t have a domain yet, you can buy it. Quick and easy. If you’ve come this far, you’re almost done with setting up your ecommerce.

With this you avoid the long and tedious configurations and activations of third-party payment gateways. With a single click, you can start selling. You have at your disposal ” Shopify Payments “, which is already included in your account and your client will be able to make payments from the first day. The payment methods are the ones we all know: VISA MasterCard American Express. In addition, Shopify complies with the PCI standard and supports 3D Secure payments , giving your buyer sufficient guarantee of the security of their data. You only have to take care of adding your bank account in the tool’s configuration and choosing the frequency with which you want to receive the money generated by your sales.

Add A Domain You’re On The Right Track

In turn, if you wish, you can configure other alternative Portugal whatsapp number list forms of payment. Such as: AmazonPay. Third Party Payment Providers. Manual payment methods such as Cash on Delivery. How much does it cost to create a store on Shopify? You have already seen what Shopify is, what its main advantages are and how it is initially configured. Once you have completed all the first steps to launch the online store, you still need. To choose the monthly plan that best suits you and your pocket. You will start paying after the 14-day trial period ends. The plans and prices are as follows: Basic Plan Cheapest option with all the basics and necessary to start selling online. Price: $29 per month and a fee of 2.4% + €0.25 per transaction obtained through Shopify Payments. 2% additional charge for each sale earned using any payment provider other than Shopify Payments.

Portugal whatsapp number list

Shopify plan A somewhat more advanced plan to start growing, once your business is consolidated. Price: $79 per month and a fee of 2.1% + €0.25 per transaction obtained through Shopify Payments. 1% additional charge for each sale earned using any payment provider other than Shopify Payments. Advanced Shopify plan Advanced plan for businesses already with a significant billing level and who want to take their online business to a higher level. Price: $299 per month and a fee of 1.8% + €0.25 per transaction obtained through Shopify Payments. 0.5% additional charge for each sale earned using any payment provider other than Shopify Payments. Table of current Shopify plans and prices Table of current Shopify plans and prices. Other plans: “Shopify Lite” and “Shopify Plus” There are two additional plans, which fall at the ends of the price spectrum.

Review Payment Options

With Shopify Lite, so only $9 a month , you can add online sales functionality. To your existing website or blog, for example made in WordPress or Squarespace, or even to your Facebook page. You’ll be able to display products and accept card payments with just a few clicks, and without the need to create an online store. A more than interesting option to test if your products are well received in the market. Meanwhile, Shopify Plus targets corporations with high sales volumes and large businesses. A very powerful business solution, costing US$2,000 per month . Who knows, maybe one day you can be in that situation, hopefully! What other additional costs does Shopify have? As we saw before, there are some concepts that may require an additional cost, such as a domain , applications and paid themes . Beyond this, you will not encounter any unexpected costs.

Examples of online stores created with Shopify What better way to finish this complete Shopify tutorial by showing online stores made with Shopify that today are benchmarks in their sector. To make a decision as important as choosing the e-commerce platform for your online business, it can help you a lot to see real examples of companies or brands that have already made that decision in action. These big-name brands already trust Shopify! Los Angeles Lakers Online Store Los Angeles Lakers Online Store The prestigious Californian NBA franchise was one of the first American sports entities to trust Shopify. You will find all the merchandising of the recent champions of the Ring. visit website ️Real Madrid Online Store Real Madrid Online Store The most successful football club in history did not hesitate to migrate its online store to Shopify.


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