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By providing clear frameworks, you as a manager must ensure that all noses are in the same direction. It is not about projecting controlling authority or own knowledge onto employees. Good leadership is about bringing people Argentina Phone Number together to pursue a common goal. With clear frameworks you can leave the team free in creativity and autonomy, but within the framework of the goal: the well-being of the employees. Parts two and three of the book focus on making the organization future- proof in a coaching manner. In the chapters you will find tips for managers and HR managers to stay mentally healthy and maintain their well-being. With a focus on the following topics.

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Do self-care Focus on focus Take regular breaks move more Eat consciously and better Optimize your sleep Prioritize your most important capital That, in short, is the central message of the book. Is the subject in that statement (still) different to you Argentina Phone Number than ‘people’? Then you probably don’t completely agree with the book, but maybe that’s why it’s for you ;). The book encourages you to think about HR policy. That goes beyond a little Argentina Phone Number extra. The book helps you to look for a way in which you process the identity of the organization in an authentic way and address employees about the why behind ‘working.

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The message “people start working because of the organization, but stay (or go) because of the manager” has stuck with me the most. The book is full of examples from Belgian and Dutch organisations, conclusions from studies and concrete tips for Argentina Phone Number change for the well-being of employees. Now that we largely work from home, the tips about office furnishing, lunch sessions and sports moments during the break may not be immediately Argentina Phone Number applicable, but with a little creativity you will have found online variants. In one word: inspiring!What role can leaders, coaches and scrum masters play to help develop their organization.

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