Create a UX Design Portfolio in 5 Steps Turkey Mobile Number

In general, the design portfolio has two functions: on the one hand, it is usually used for project accumulation, project review, and summary to achieve the self-improvement of the designer profession; on the other hand, it is more practical for job interviews. , A good portfolio can fully demonstrate one’s ability, and also plays a very important role in salary treatment.

What designer or portfolio is the interviewer looking for?

We conducted a survey interviewed 204 UX recruiters to Turkey Mobile Number try to understand what portfolios they would like to see? What type of UX designers are they looking to hire?

Here is a list of some of the things they focus on:

  • What real value do you provide to users and businesses?
  • What we want to know is not only how to design means, but also how designers think about this issue.
  • Instead of showing a final result, what we want to see is a complete thought process. What is the background of this project? What is the problem with the project? What is the goal of the project? What is the purpose? What assumptions are made about the problem? How to solve this problem through design? As well as the data situation after the problem goes online, product iterations, etc.
  • Step 1: List all the item

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    • UX designers work on many types of projects and tasks, so it can be difficult to narrow everything down into one portfolio. So the first step is to take an inventory of the projects you’ve worked on, and you’ll want to demonstrate your expertise through multiple types of work.

      To do this, consider all the projects and ask yourself the following questions:

      1. What am I really good at?
      2. How am I different from other designers?
      3. In which projects have I played the most important role?
      4. Which project have I learned the most from?

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