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Recently, a palace fighting drama became popular halfway. Through the broadcast. That’s right, it’s  Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List”strategy of yanxi palace”. The tone of the whole drama has subverted. The image of the colorful palace fighting drama in the past.

The tone of the picture v is simple. And elegant, and it is like a clear stream in this summer tv series, which makes people’s eyes shine: the scene props., costumes and costumes in the play no longer use the high-saturated and gorgeous colors in the past,. But light pink, light purple, gray-green, and camel.

Of This. Spring

All of these colors echo the fashion colors of this. Spring and summer. It is precisely because of this echo  List with fashionable color matching that the show is. Born with a sense of luxury , and this sense of luxury reminds people of a series of color matching called .”morandi” . If Guangdong Mobile Phone Number  you often pay attention to information related to design and fashion, you must be familiar. With this word. In recent years,

morandi colors have been used more and more in the design of fashion. Luxury goods, fashion goods, and home furnishing. Colors may appear soft or elegant, as long as they. Are matched properly, they can always instantly enhance the aura. “strategy of yanxi

Ittle Experiment

Guangdong Mobile Phone Number List
Guangdong Mobile Phone Number

Palace” fashion circle color let’s do a little experiment. When you see the three words “jobs” , which image Guangdong Mobile Phone Number Lists comes to your mind? There is no illustration here, i believe everyone. Has a frontal photo of jobs holding Lists his hand on his chin. Similarly, when we see “mgm” , a roaring lion will

appear in our minds; when we see “intel” , the classic “waiting for lights, waiting for lights”. Sound effect will sound in our minds. Aristotle was the first to propose that the creation of an idea must be accompanied. By the creation of another idea that is similar or opposite to it, or that has occurred simultaneously with it in past experience.

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