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In the beginning, people did not know that computer. Screens could be scrolled, and it was not until 1997 that long web pages became popular. However, at Canada Phone Number that time, although everyone knew that scrolling could be done, they were not used to it. In today’s days when infinite. Loading is common, websites that do not scroll are very rare. Even many Canada Phone Number websites use the home page as the. Cover, and the real content starts on the second screen. In 2010, jakob nielsen (who published nielsen’s. Ten principles of usability) conducted an eye-tracking experiment and found that users spend. An average of 80% of their reading time on the fold. In 2018.

Therese Fessenden Canada Phone Number

therese fessenden of the nielsen norman group. An experience design consultancy founded by nielsen and norman, ran another experiment and found that. The latest Canada Phone Number data was significantly different from eight years ago. 2. How do users browse the web in 2018? 1. Beyond the fold for example, users spend about 80% of their time on the first three screens, of which. The first screen accounts for more than half (57%), and the first two screens together account Canada Phone Number for 3/4 (74%). So in fact. It is the first two screens that account for the majority, and the 7% of the third screen has no influence.obviously, if important information. Is not placed on the fold, the chances of being ignored by users are still more than half.

The Second Screen Canada Phone Number

Canada phone number
Canada phone number

if it is placed under the second screen, there is a 3/4. Chance of being invisible. 2. Inside the fold since the first screen is so important, you might as well just bring it out. If the first screen is divided into 4 blocks, in fact, the block that users care about most is not the top Canada Phone Numbers one, but. The second one (although the difference between the two is not much). Overall, the top half of the fold is. Significantly more important than the bottom half, but there is no dramatic difference Canada Phone Number. 3. Search page the data above is for a normal web page, but the search results page behaves slightly differently.

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