Depending on Your Button Color

Using the right color

There’s a lot of debate around the subject of the Board Members Email List best color used for

a call to action button and plenty of studies done around it as well. While there’s not one definitive answer on the best color for a CTA, there’s some color psychology that

we can use to assess whether your button choice will express the purpose of your action.

A lot of the psychology around color can be fairly subjective or personal,

but across the board, there are particular emotions evoked

Board Members Email List

by these basic colors of the rainbow that can be used for getting your contacts to take notice and action.


Certain well-known brands often exude a particular emotion simply based on their choice of color for logos and branding. And while it may be an assumption that ‘green for go’ would be

the perfect choice for a call to action button, green has been found to be more associated with feelings like ‘peace’ and ‘health’ rather than something more action-oriented.

Instead, it’s blue and orange that often win out in the color ‘wars’ of CTA and isn’t that interesting considering that within most websites and emails that a hyperlink out to another page is automatically in a blue font?

If you’re able to include a button in your email

and go above and beyond the hyperlink that may appear hidden within the text of the email, then by all means, do it. Keep it simple but make it stand out. A pop of color is one of the best ways to get your contacts’ attention right within the email.

use either black or white text for on the –

don’t use two bright conflicting colors for both the button and the message text. When you’re picking your CTA color, keep in mind the emotion or action you want your contacts to feel

or do and ensure that it won’t get lost on the page. You want it to be clear where they should click, and leave them with no questions.

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