Did Deng Xiaoping really say Hong Kong does not engage in the separation

Many people from Yijia began to move Deng Xiaoping out of Li, citing the following remarks he made to the Basic Law Drafting Committee in 1987, as if he really said that Hong Kong does not practice the separation of powers in the early morning. Hong Kong’s system cannot completely Westernized, nor can it copy the Western system. Hong Kong does not implement the British system or the American system now, and it has been a century and a half since then. If it is completely copied now, such as the separation of powers, the British and American parliamentary system, and then to judge whether it is democratic or not, I am afraid it is not suitable.

I really did double-check the paragraphs of Comrade

Deng’s speech on April 16, 1987 in  the Kazakhstan Phone Number Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping, Volume 3, and I found that Deng Xiaoping’s meaning of the paragraphs was not the same. It’s only so short, and it’s possible to take it out of context! It’s so obvious that the department deliberately picked up the following sentence. Please sit down and think carefully about this issue.

If you pick up this sentence it will make a big difference in

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Understanding Deng Xiaoping’s original intention. The remaining part of the previous paragraph is like a final decision that Hong Kong will not engage in the separation of powers. If you bury the latter sentence, in fact, Deng Xiaoping just asked the Basic Law Drafting Committee to think carefully about what he wants to do. There are basically two things. Image provided by author

section of the article, saying that “our mainland China” is different from “Western countries”, “do not engage in the separation of powers”, and have different understandings of democracy, etc. That is to say, Deng Xiaoping did not directly say “Hong Kong does not engage in the separation of powers”, but suggested that Hong Kong should think deeply about whether to engage in it, and emphasized that the words “not engaging” refer to mainland China.

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