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We know the Netherlands no other than Germany Phone Number that you have at least three own vacancy websites for each profession. So are you a dental assistant with a Polish background who plays the violin and you want to work three days a week? Then there is probably a niche job site for you where you can go wild as a job seeker. The Netherlands is also the country where every self-respecting organization has its own professional careers website. And for us Dutch that is normal, but in the rest of the world this is far from the standard.

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In many European countries, employers have never heard of their own careers website and the online recruitment playing field is dominated by three or four major job boards per country. Careers website in Europe? That does not ring a bell! In ‘normal life’ I have been running a digital recruitment agency for more than ten years , so building Germany Phone Number is my thing. In 2019, one of our graduates conducted a survey among 100 non-Dutch companies in Europe. It turned out that 94% of all European executives surveyed had never heard of the phenomenon we call a careers website.

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Competitors Germany Phone Number

Okay, on the ‘Things To do Today’ list: Conquer the rest of Europe (but that’s a story for another time). Long story short: The Netherlands understands online recruitment like no other. But we can also zoom in very well on the different types of websites and the respective objectives that these websites have. focus I distinguish five main directions of career websites or recruitment websites. Yes, there are more detailed other variants that each have their own sub-objectives, but today it’s about these five main directions.

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